Case Study-T&T Capital Management

T&T Capital Management

T&T Capital Management is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) that focuses on providing deep value investment strategies to institutions, families, and individuals across the globe.

 Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, T&T Capital Management is founded by veteran value investor, Tim Travis; he is also the company’s CEO and Chief Investment Officer. Their investment philosophies are inspired by the likes of Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, Martin Whitman, Bruce Berkowitz, and Wilbur Ross. This means that they identify a security’s intrinsic value and purchase it well below that value, ensuring an adequate margin of safety for their clients and ourselves.
ClientT&T Capital Management
ScopeWeb, Video, Social Media

Social Media Display Ads

TTCM utilized social media display ads to increase website traffic and generate new leads. In the first week, website traffic increased over 9200% and the company started converting new, interested prospects. At an average cost of just over a dollar per lead, TTCM was able to greatly reduce its average cost per lead through targeted social media display ads.