Case Study – Marking Sport Fishing

Marking Sport Fishing

Marking Sport Fishing came to IHI with a problem we see all too often, their website had been hacked. At the time of the original build, there were no security protocols put in place. The website began acting erratically and redirecting visitors to undesired web pages, making it difficult, if not impossible, for potential charters to book with fishing trips. 

IHI was able to get to the root of the problem within hours. The website had been corrupted at the file level and needed to be cleaned and reinstalled. Unfortunately, the client didn’t have a clean site backup file to restore the website to a previous, uncorrupted version. 

IHI was left with no other option but to rebuild the website, from scratch, in just two days. Getting the client back online during the busy Southern California fishing season.

To ensure the client didn’t experience a similar incident, IHI implemented several security measures to guard against future brute force attacks and began maintaining clean backups of the newly built site. 

ClientMarking Sport Fishing
ScopeWeb, Photography, Ad-Words